Me. By Me. TKMaxx


I was the frontend developer on this project with Weir&Wong. The site, for TKMaxx and Brooklyn Brothers, was to support the fashion brand’s #mebyme campaign in which it’s customers play the leading role.

The backend was built on WordPress and the talented backend team used a combination of plugins and bespoke functionality to serve up a complex API for reading and creating posts. WordPress was the perfect tool to allow admin users to moderate user content and create their own posts.

The frontend application framework I chose was EmberJS. I love its integration of the Handlebars templating system and fully featured routing. I also used Ember’s sister framework EmberData for handling api calls and model management.

My favourite font icon system IcoMoon came into play again on this project. IcoMoon’s web app and lightweight outputted font files make it a great tool.


 I used Modernizr for feature detection, SASS for compiling css and Grunt to minify JS and run some other deployment tasks.

I love the end product which was a result of a lot of hard work on a tight deadline.

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