Geox – Amphibiox

Italian shoe maker, Geox, tested their latest outdoor shoe range in Cherrapunjee, the rainiest place on earth.
They wanted a site to promote the various high tech features of their shoes. The site that SMFB concepted and Stinkdigital built, documents the adventures of four testers who put the shoes through their paces (excuse the pun).
I was lead dev on the flash build. The amazing responsive html work was done by Rich Hallows and the team at SD.

Lovely stuff!

Edit: It’s lovely to get this kind of feedback from the guys at propoganda3.

“Everything about this site says, “polished.” There are no mistakes. Everyone in the digital should look at this. Congrats.”

Very nice to hear!

The Geox Amphibiox site won a 2013 One Show Interactive Gold Pencil award.


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